Promising Jobs in the Non-Profit Sector

For USC students who want to work for a non-profit organization (or start their own,) the Sol Price School of Public Policy includes one of the most rigorous and rewarding curriculums in the nation. It is this curriculum that prepares students for the job roles below.

Grant Coordinators and Writers

USC’s MPA degree includes plenty of insight and practice with many different job skills and concentrations. The Sol Price School of Public Policy has developed an enriching and comprehensive curriculum that will prove to be invaluable to students both while they’re completing their program and beyond. One of the areas that students may choose to focus on is grant writing and coordination. Particularly in a non-profit setting, applying for grants and analyzing proposals is a crucial part of maintaining prestige and awareness. Many non-profit organizations rely heavily on grants and related initiatives, which is why this job role hold such grand importance. At USC, students will learn how to draft grant proposals, as well as determine fitting associations and corporations to work with.

Head of Marketing

Another pivotal job position in a non-profit company is working as the head of marketing. These days, marketing and advertising are more important than ever before. Consumers’ attention spans are becoming narrower and narrower (or so it seems!) and a marketing experts must have the applicable skills and strategies to make campaigns and public announcements that will capture people’s eye and hold it longer than the competition. USC’s MPA degree includes expert-level practice and development of marketing strategies, and students will be able to interact with industry professionals in order to apply a real-world spin to their public administration curriculum. This is part of the reason why the University of Southern California has maintained its prestige and national rankings time and time again.

Human Resources Manager

One more crucial job role within a non-profit (or any) organization is human resource manager. This person is going to be responsible to recruiting and hiring employees, and they will also serve as a public face for the association. For that reason, it is important that this person has the people skills, resources, and passion required for this position. USC’s MPA degree is tailored to challenge students in all aspects of their life and career. This includes helping them develop the interpersonal and professional skills that will make the biggest impact once they graduate and move onto work. Check out the University of Southern California’s website to learn more about the Sol Price School of Public Policy and to browse through course offerings. You will see why an interdisciplinary approach on the personal and public level is the best choice.